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Dundas Media is a digital media company, which creates short-form stories, news, and informational video content for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It was founded by international TV host and media entrepreneur Jason Dundas (The X Factor, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, David Jones). Here's how we work.


"brilliant storytellers"

"Dundas Media are brilliant storytellers. Their artistic eye helped us to capture the attention of media and position Gumtree in a more premium way, through content."


"Invaluable, professional & indispensable"

"Dundas Media’s support on Jaguar’s partnership with the Hopman Cup was invaluable. Jason’s enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to immediately understand what we needed and execute it in a timely and professional way made the collaboration indispensable."



"We were so honoured to have Jason and the Dundas Media team join us for the very special event that is the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner Los Angeles. The team was incredible in capturing what it truly means to be a Wildlife Warrior and we’re so grateful for their support in keeping Steve’s legacy alive."


"the best I have ever worked with"

"Working with Jason and The Dundas Media team was incredible from start to finish. The videos we received were far beyond what we could have ever hoped for. It is first time we have worked with someone where we were so happy we didn't need to make one change to the work, made our job so much easier! The Dundas Media team sure know how to create authentic and engaging content... they are the best I have ever worked with personally and professionally."


"high quality"

"Dundas Media captured the true essence of our biggest fashion event, the Autumn Winter Fashion Launch in Sydney, in line with the high quality of the David Jones brand."


"beautiful storytelling"

"Dundas Media's unique and beautiful storytelling captured the immense detail and manpower that goes into creating an episode of Game of Thrones from Spain."


"stylish & beautiful"

"Having worked with Dundas Media many times now I know that they always deliver work that is stylish and beautiful in its storytelling and aesthetics."


"fun & collaborative"

"Thank you, Jason and the Dundas Media team for the incredibly engaging Ojai road trip you filmed for us! You totally captured the mood and told a great story bringing the Country Road product and outfits to life. You made the creative process fun and collaborative and we look forward to doing more assignments together in the near future.”



‘Making It’ it follows Jason Dundas’ (Dundas Media's Director) self-made journey from Sydney’s Western suburbs to the world’s biggest stage. Jason has single-handedly created his own life through design, foresight, and hustle. Each episode offers unique insight into the creative industry and behind the scenes of Dundas Media. Watch all episodes of 'Making It' here.