Dundas Media
Video content creators
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how we work



1. Content creative

To us, the first three seconds of a video is the most important. We start by identifying your audience then reverse engineer our creative process to develop an authentic story specifically for them. We know you have ideas ;) (but if you don't, we've gotcha.) From conceptualization, we work with you to develop original series and formats.


2. Screen strategy

We know video is expensive, so we want you to be able to use it in as many places as possible. Think of us like a really good pair of shoes.

With so many platforms to choose from, we focus on maximum usage for your content and produce video with various deliverables in mind, to accommodate all media including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and most importantly developing a strategy to reach your audience on the platform they use most.


3. Distribution

So I made the video now how do we get people to see it? It’s called amplification.

Remember in step one when we identified your audience? Well, now we’ll knock on their proverbial door and say “hey, watch this!