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2.3 Million Views


45 thousand engagements

Dundas Media created compelling video content for Invisalign Australia that was on brief and brought to life our brand promise through Jason’s own story.  Dundas Media worked collaboratively with us from scripting right through to production to ensure that the end result was engaging with the right balance of brand and story-telling.
— Karen McGoldrick, Managing Director, Invisalign Australia

10,000 New Customer Sign Ups

Multiplatform Content

Our work with Invisalign began after we identified this organic moment that happened live on The X Factor as a marketing opportunity. This quick moment increased website traffic for Invisalign by 400% overnight.

Working along side the Invisalign team we created a series of 4 short-form videos to tell Jason's authentic story while using the treatment. Our goal was to be as transparent as possible to give us the best chance of relating to potential customers while considering the user experience and engagment of each of the social platforms we set out to target, being Facebook and Youtube.


Multiplatform content


Sydney launch event

As an extention of the content campaign, Jason Dundas hosted the Invisalign Made to Move Sydney press launch, leading Australia's health and fitness media through a 45 minute mindfulness class. 


Fitness First activation

The original video content was repurposed into short form videos featured in screens through out 180 Fitness First gyms Australia wide.


Outdoor activation

Invisalign repourposed the campaign across 100 buses Australia wide.