Why Video Ads?


I once had a TV producer tell me that the media industry is the fastest evolving but most exciting industry to work in, and I can’t help but agree. In the past few years the media landscape has drastically changed and Video Ads as we know them have also changed. Our team has spent 15 years working for TV networks across the world and as video ads creators, but collectively realized the need for a shift! And by realizing this, your content marketing will smash the competition. 

The traditional model involves spending millions of dollars to produce a 60-second television commercial which is played on TV over and over for a year. But… the way we consume video content has changed and so has the audience. We all know why video ads work, but the truth is… now with social media, you need to be able to create bulk video ads at scale – otherwise, audience fatigue hits in and they lose interest in your message. 

Back in the day of traditional TV dominance, you didn't have a choice but to sit through the same ads over and over to watch the content you want. But now, with social media, the audience has the choice to not watch or ‘click next’, so the ad has to hold your attention, be fresh and engaging. It’s the era of choice. This is why you have to keep your content new and engaging to sidestep ad fatigue. 

We are one of the top production companies in Los Angeles and have worked with big brands to create Video Ads just like the below project for Universal Music.


If there is one big thing you can take away for your content strategy, it’s that you need to adopt an ‘always on’ approach and create multiple pieces of engaging content. A great way to do this is to create video ads from 6 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the platform, and focus on narrative content. 

Jason Dundas