Morgan Freeman's spirit animal

What is Morgan Freeman's spirit animal? A cat of course! We know this because, in our latest video ad for Roadshow FIlms, we found out some funny and random facts about the godfather of film himself. This engaging sit-down chat is an example of why video ads work. Other video ads on Facebook would struggle to compete with its relevance and engagement. This is the key, create engaging video ads that feature A list entertainers and release them within hours of it happening. If you are looking for a Video Ads Creator, Dundas Media has you covered, as a top production company that provides unprecedented access to Aussie brands and outlets. 

This is also a good time to talk about IGTV. With the ability to now integrate IGTV videos into the Instagram feed, the popularity is rising. For this Roadshow video ad, we produced the content and edited it with split-screen on three cameras at a length of 1:20. We position the framing so that it works in the mobile/horizontal format. You also need to keep in mind that the cover photo needs to work for both IGTV and in the main feed at 1080. 

Have a watch:

Jason Dundas