A Q&A With Our Founder Jason Dundas


We sat down with our founder and director, Jason Dundas, who talked about the creation of Dundas Media and how he is using his experience from working in television to create social content for the world’s biggest brands.

How did Dundas Media start? 

Dundas Media as a business first started when I was living in New York. I was hosting a live morning TV show for VH1 as well as working as the ambassador, the very first menswear ambassador, for David Jones in Australia and one of the reasons they hired me was because they saw the video content that I was creating purely for fun while in New York and they said “Hey we identify this as a trend we think that video is going to become a big player in marketing across social channels can you help curate and help make some video content for us”? I had never created digital video content and sold it to a business before, so the very first job that I did for under Dundas Media was called the Denim Diaries for David Jones and we hit the streets of SoHo and we created some really cool interesting topics for New Yorkers all about their love affair for denim and after that it was like “holy moly that was something new and original for the brand” and it was a really great way to get the message across about denim in an authentic way, hat was the beginning of it all for Dundas Media. 

What has been your proudest achievement thus far? 

The reality is that I’m a workaholic and I am a crazy, crazy entrepreneur so there never really is a proud moment because you are constantly five steps ahead which is kind of an annoying way to answer the question but I am always thinking about the next thing and before I get the result of what I am currently working on, I am four steps ahead. So I never really reward myself for any step of the way. Some things that come to mind is allowing Australians to get access to international A-list movie stars. We interviewed Clint Eastwood on the red carpet in LA one afternoon 5 kilometers away from our West Hollywood office. Less than an hour after the interview with Clint, we supplied it back to the Today Show Australia and Village Roadshow, and that has never been done before. That fast, and easy.

Australian companies have flown over to do this type of thing in the past but with a huge expense and massive financial risk. We produce this type of A-list content as a local team on the ground in LA and NY and that really opened the floodgates for us with our pop-culture vertical and from then we went on and chatted with Christian Bale, Matthew McCounaughey, Will Smith, Jamie Lee Curtis, and the list just goes on and on and that is now a huge part of our business. For me that was one moment where I just went “wow”.

Outside of that, I’m really proud of all the filming we do all over the world with some of the best tourism bodies, and filming at some pretty cool locations. I come from a background hosting Getaway for 13 years, and now as a business, that travel vertical is ingrained in Dundas Media, and it makes me so proud. We’ve worked with Park City Tourism, Singapore Tourism, LA Tourism, New Zealand Tourism, we have created some pretty awesome travel content all over the world. 

What is the mission of your business?

The mission of Dundas Media since day one was to use my 15 years of creating television from all the big shows I’ve hosted from MTV America’s Best Dance Crew, Entertainment Tonight, Getaway, VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live from Times Square, The X factor, and take everything that I have learned from storytelling, pop culture, from these shows and bring it into the digital landscape. 

Right now the number one screen in the world is your mobile phone and I want to bring all my knowledge, and years of insight, you know things you get from interviewing Madonna, and bring that into digital video content and further than that I want to scale it. I believe, It’s not about creating it for one channel and one territory and one country anymore it’s about the world, and anyone can watch the content you create for a phone anywhere in the world, there is a huge amount of humans on the Earth and I basically want to be creating video content that is next level awesome, premium, it’s got that star factor of an X Factor show, it’s got that quality of a movie, and most importantly it’s delivered super fast to the client and cost effective. We are in a volume game right now, so that is my major focus, to provide the best possible service for creating content to our clients.

Jason Dundas