Will Smith In The DM

At Dundas Media we truly pride ourselves on being able to give Australia access to the greatest celebrities.

We recently interviewed one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Will Smith, at Disney’s Aladdin premiere for our client The Today Show Australia which is Australia’s longest running breakfast television show broadcasted on the Nine Network.

Dundas Media has the ability to guarantee Australian clients premium content with the best that Hollywood has to offer. Based in Los Angeles, we have direct access to red carpet premieres, and celebrity interviews and tailor our content specifically for the Australian viewer. We also have a roster of amazing Aussie hosts who live and work in LA and NY, who front our content for us, giving our clients the ability to match the right host with the right celebrity interview.

Check out our interview with Will Smith below and keep up with Dundas Media to see who we interview next!

Jason Dundas