Travel Content: Getaway

Our company founder and director Jason has been a host on Getaway, Australia’s longest-running travel TV show, for the past 13 years. At Dundas Media, we have been producing 30+ stories per year for Getaway for the past four years.

In our most recent work for Getaway, we used our Zero Travel Expense Model to produce 10 travel hack videos targeted towards a millennial demographic. As a business, we developed the concepts, sourced locations, wrote all of the scripts, produced and filmed all of the content, and cast all of the featured hosts ranging from influencer Shaun Birley to celebrity fitness instructor Courtney Watts. These stories were shot in both NYC and LA and showcase a range of travel topics from LA’s Top Celebrity Workouts to The Best Pizza in NY.

We are very proud to be working with Getaway and Channel 9 and are excited to continue creating content for them all around the world. Take a look at some of our recent work for Getaway below!