Position your brand in the coolest places on earth

Imagine you could position your brand in the world's coolest locations from New York, to Paris, to Hawaii, through engaging, premium, weekly video content, at around the same price it costs you to film in your local area. Seems a little crazy doesn't it?

Well up until now traveling across the world to capture content for brands has always been at the top of any marketer’s wish list, but with such high expenses it is virtually impossible to justify, unless you're Apple or Google.

At Dundas Media, we have been producing and hosting Getaway, Australia's number one travel TV show for over 13 years across 110 countries. Travel content is what we do, and we do it the best. During this time we have created an extensive global network of producers, talent and production teams, which allows us to create premium travel content with minimal travel expenses and at a fraction of the price.

In addition to producing premium travel content, Dundas Media has an exclusive partnership arrangement with Channel 9 as a guarantee to feature our client's travel content as a story on Getaway. This provides an exclusive opportunity for our clients to align themselves with the most trusted brand in the Australian travel market and gain TV exposure to an audience who are ready to travel.

An example of this can be seen with our recent Singapore Tourism campaign where we used our local Singapore production team to produce premium travel content for the Australian audience. Providing our Dundas Media production solution with zero travel expenses, allowed the campaign to fly out celebrity DJ Havana Brown to host the content. Our Singapore Tourism content was featured on Getaway and social media marketing in the Australian territory.

DJ Havana Brown’s Guide to Singapore

Shaun Birley’s Top 3 Burgers in LA

Local New York Travel Series

The content below is part of our New York locals insider guide series, ‘Around Town’, which we produced for our client Asset. The series features local NY hosts, and production teams who produced the content on the ground in NY. All creative and pre-production was done in advance out of the Dundas Media office. The shoot features 9 videos, and were created with zero travel expense.

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