Conde Nast x Dacor

Chicago is a cool city. Even more so when you are heading in to shoot a truly bespoke video ad for none other than Conde Nast and Dacor. Conde Nast reaches over 164 million consumers across its platforms, which include Architectural Digest, Vogue, GQ and many more. It is a powerhouse in the media industry and as one of its chief branded content providers, Dundas Media is proud to bring their stories to life. 

Our goal with this production was to create ‘art in motion’. A highly curated, beautifully executed film service that told the story of three critically acclaimed architects: Timothy Belanger, Celeste Robbins, and Mica Tippler.

We employed a meticulous pre-production process which included pre-interviews, location scouting and narrative creation well in advance. By taking this care and work ethic, we have been able to stand above as one of the top production companies, specializing in video production Los Angeles. Our team often built a comprehensive set complete with lighting, dollies and shot the video ads on four Canon C300’s. The outcome was 3 full-length 3-minute episodes and three 30 second versions, hosted by Casey Olson from AD Pro. As video content creators we pride ourselves in being able to deliver custom video ads which can tell a story and engage your audience like never before. 


Jason Dundas