What is the perfect video length for social media?

Ask your friends and they will all give you a different answer for the perfect length... of video ads that is. Statistics and years as a video content creator for global brands, has proven the perfect length for a video ad depending on the platform. 

Let's use this recent series we produced for Gumtree as an example. Here’s the full 2-minute version


And here is one of the 23-second video ads we cut from the full length video.


The truth that old school agencies don't want you to know is that you can and should be leveraging your video ads to generate multiples of content for different channels. This is done by pre-producing short-form stories and hero content at the same time. Then when going into production, we have clear goals of what type of content we need to be capturing and hitting off our shot list. This makes it easy in post-production to edit engaging video ads at different lengths, tailored for the various social media channels and retargeted to your audience. 

HubSpot recently analyzed the space and found that these are roughly the ideal lengths:

  • Instagram: 30 seconds 

  • Twitter: 45 seconds 

  • Facebook: 2 minutes

  • YouTube: 2 minutes

Plus, it's important to remember that each platform has a different average view time.

Jason Dundas