How to make a viral video


How do you orchestrate a VIRAL video ad from scratch? Start with random/hilarious lines like this one: ‘I don't know everything, but I do know that Samuel L Jackson's middle name isn't winning,’ then get Tom Waterhouse to ride a pony and drink orange juice from his Mums Melbourne Cup. Yep, you heard that right, we have well and truly gone all out in our latest work, creating a bespoke, viral video ad for This one is a great example of why video ads work. 

The production process started with our video ad creators throwing around crazy ideas, then scoping the work and going about writing the script with a renowned comedy writer. From there, we brought a number of concepts to the client and went on to storyboard and pre-produce the story from the ground up. 

We are experts in video production Los Angeles, but also work internationally, and so it was off to Sydney. Where we went about filming a myriad of ingenious, funny and clever scenes that not only capture attention and views but also sell into the main CTA of the brand and lead to a huge number of new customer acquisition. Off the back of that, we edited a 2-minute version, 8 x 15-second edits, and a 60 edit. It is this service that separates the top production companies from the rest. 

Jason Dundas