Best Apps For Photo Editing

Here at Dundas Media, we love great photography. You can even call us a little bit obsessed. 

With so many great social networks available, it has never been easier to share and upload images onto your preferred platform. We wanted to share with you a few of the ways we love to edit our photos before taking them live. 

We are big big fans of VSCO and here's why. VSCO is a free app that allows users to edit their photos through various preset filters, or through the “toolkit” feature which allows finer adjustments.  Photos can then be exported back into the camera roll or shared to other social media. This app is perfect for quick and consistent editing.

One of our new favorite photo apps is a retro-style, disposable-camera inspired app called HUJI. This one is great to use every once in a while as it really does over-saturate images. However, it is super user-friendly and gives even the simplest photo a lot of life.

Photoshop Mix
Tried and true, Adobe Photoshop Mix is an industry favorite and still remains at the top of their game. It's definitely more challenging to use compared to some of the newer mobile apps -- but if you can take even a basic training course or online tutorials, it is way worth your time and money. The features are second-to-none and will give you professional-grade results every time.

Jason Dundas