Best Software For Production Management

As a global production company, Dundas Media is constantly growing our team worldwide. Today, we have creative teams in Los Angeles, NYC, Sydney, and Melbourne. And it doesn't stop there. Not to mention, our clients are just as widespread as we are. From working with Air New Zealand to LA Tourism, we have learned the importance of building a global mobile network. 

One of our favorite web applications for production management is StudioBinder. We use this software for everything

StudioBinder allows us to build call sheets, manage our production calendar, and organize our global contacts all in one. It is super user-friendly and easy to manage.

Since using StudioBinder, we have seen a positive impact in our workflow and productivity. Our teams love using it, and our clients are impressed by the level of professionalism we are able to deliver through our quality call sheets and organization. 

For more information on how to sign up for StudioBinder, click here.

- The DM Team

Jason Dundas