What Size Do I Make My Videos?

Here at Dundas Media we get a lot of questions from clients, friends, and even fellow creatives. One question we constantly get (especially with the popularity of Insta stories and IGTV is "what size should I be making my videos depending on the channel?"

Well, first you need to identify just where your video intends to live. Is it on a story? Is it a post? Is it IGTV?

For a native Instagram post, you need to make sure you select the video to full screen when uploading. Full screen size on Instagram videos is 1280 pixels wide by 1600 pixels high. On both IGTV and Stories, you need to shoot for a more vertical frame, 1080 pixels wide by 1920 high (also known as 9:16). Remember to leave room on the edge of your video if using text as we find that Instagram crops a little tight on the video. It's also important to remember that Stories will cut the duration of the video to a maximum :15 seconds. So be aware that if you go over, it just won't make the cut...literally. We use Adobe Premiere to create :15 second clips, then upload them to Instagram Stories. Another trick is to trim your video by editing it simply on your iPhone to be exactly :15 seconds.

For Facebook, we personally have had a lot of success with square frame size 1:1, 1080 x 1080. Pro tip: don’t forget the captions (80% of videos on Facebook are watched without audio.) For YouTube and Vimeo, the standard sizes are: 16:9, 1920 x 1080 or even 4k! This is where we like to have fun and really showcase our work in it’s full frame. 

We highlighted a few of our videos below so you can see the difference for yourself.

Video is the future guys, happy posting!

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