What is IG TV?

Over the past few weeks rumors have been swirling about Instagram releasing 1 hour-long videos. And, it just happened. Now, as you may already know - here at Dundas Media, we are are about creating video content for all digital screens, so you can see how this gets us excited.

As a team, we try to look at these changes from the perspective of our clients, working to identify how this will affect what they can and can no longer do on the platform. With 60 minutes, clients will definitely be able to tell more in-depth stories. We're excited for the opportunity to work on creating longer formats, and creating more "traditional" experiences for viewers on mobile screens. 

Our founder Jason believes that IGTV and 1hr videos will have a few significant changes to the way brands use the platform. Firstly, he sees the native feed of Instagram becoming more of a 'preview page' to entice followers to IGTV, where they can view the long form content. Jason is also predicting that we will see brands allocating major marketing dollars not only to production, but massive amounts of pre-production similar to the TV series landscape. Much like YouTube where content is king, and the better stories and storytellers rein supreme. He predicts that IGTV will follow suit. A five second IG native video is a very different product to a one hour program. We predict that this will finally turn brands into their own media channel, and also predicts that brands will begin to use this as an opportunity to create original series (5 mins - 60 mins) that their desired consumer wants to watch. One great example of a longer format branded content series is Jamie Foxx’s "Off Script” in partnership with Grey Goose vodka.

Now more then ever, brands have the power to hold their hyper-targeted customers to their advertising longer than ever and the best way to do that is to create well thought out, highly-produced video series. This move from Instagram will weed out any brand or influencer that doesn’t have access to quality video production, talent and storytelling. Just as HBO, AMC, and Showtime currently compete for the best series, we will see a similar battle for consumers across brands on Instagram and Facebook’s for seconds viewed on their original video content. 

Our final note is on shooting vertical. It's no longer good enough to simply crop your landscape (16:9) video to vertical. This frame size means you need to produce and shoot from day one with this in mind. This will not only change the framing, but also the story. Curious? We offer a 'Video Resizing' service and can assist your business in re-formatting your existing content to vertical. For more information click here.

Needless to say, we are excited to see how these changes effect the creation and distribution of online media.

- The DM Team

Jason Dundas