Carlsberg x Dundas Media

Our team at Dundas Media is beyond excited to finally share the product of our creative brainchild with Carlsberg.

The first two heroes featured in our "Probably The Best" campaign are two Aussie men who excel in their craft. We consider them to be "probably the best" at what they do. Artist Daimon Downey takes us on a colorful visual experience in his Bondi studio, while chef Hayden Quinn gets our tastebuds watering as he cooks along Manly beach.

The concept for the "Probably The Best" campaign was inspired by the history of Carlsberg. The company was founded by entrepreneur J.C. Jacobsen in 1876 on the ideals of innovation and craftsmanship. Values we wanted to be prevalent throughout our campaign. 

Our digital strategy around the campaign was to tell the stories of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and innovators in 20 seconds or less. Then, we cut a shorter 6 second version for social media. These various edits allow for multi-screen viewing and are currently being amplified across Australia.

Our challenge here was to capture the essence of each hero in a short amount of time. We did so by interviewing each individual and getting to the root of who they are and what their greater message is. We wanted to be able to give our viewers an authentic representation of each man, and we are proud to believe that we did.

But enough about the campaign, we will let you see for yourself!

Happy viewing,
The Dundas Media Team

Jason Dundas