Why You Don’t Need To Advertise On TV?’

At Dundas Media, we are constantly striving to be pioneers of the digital content space. With so many brilliant minds and ideas in the world, we are humbled when we see our work mentioned in any capacity. Moreover, we are proud when we see our clients get recognized as well.

Our ongoing client Gumtree Australia was recently made subject of a cool article published by AdNews for their initiative in using online media marketing across their latest ‘Keep Gumtree Real’ campaign.

Gumtree senior marketing manager James Walmsley told AdNews that he believes social and owned channels are the most efficient tools to educate their audience.

“Once users have already engaged with our site and are on it, that gives us a great opportunity to talk to them and educate them in the process in using the tool."

Further, he explained why this campaign was better suited to social channels versus traditional broad-based marketing.

"Obviously different channels have different roles to play and I think if we are looking at broad-based marketing there might be a different message there.”

While we do still believe in the power of traditional media, there is no denying the rapid influence of new media channels. We are excited to be a part of this digital revolution, and look forward to working with our clients (present and future) in helping spread their message.

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Jason Dundas