Yes, We Can

One of the biggest questions we get from clients today is, "but can you really tell a story in under sixty second?" Our answer, "yes, we can."

In our latest work with Air New Zealand, we proved that it is possible to tell a compelling, entertaining, and engaging short story...and have an incredible time doing so.

I'm so excited to finally share Capture Club. A travel series that aims to teach viewers how to capture killer content. As a creative, it is the ultimate privilege to be able to share my process with young content creators.

For this series, my team at Dundas Media demonstrated our ability to create actual shows in just under sixty seconds. We place a strong emphasis on branding, formatting, series development, entertainment and education. As a full-service production company, we work with brands to organically weave each element into a final product. Speaking of, check out the final product of our work with Air New Zealand, below.

Ladies and gentleman, Capture Club:

Jason Dundas