Hopman Cup x Jaguar

It's the most wonderful time of the year...and no, I'm not talking about the holidays. The Hopman Cup is an amazing tournament in the lead up to the Australian Open, and this year proved to be even more special thanks to our partnership with Jaguar Australia.

My team and I just wrapped two intense weeks in Australia, where we created the first half of an original video series for Jaguar in collaboration with the Hopman Cup. We had the chance to work with the world's No. 8 tennis player Daria Gavrilova to create an engaging branded series. 

This was just another example of the forward-thinking content development by Dundas Media. When given less than :20 seconds to tell a story (one that's engaging and leaves the viewer wanting more) we were able to execute with flying colors. 

Check out our announcement video above, and stay tuned for the full series to drop this December.

And as an early Christmas present, if you want to enter to win a chance to go to this year's Hopman Cup, follow the link provided here ;)


Jason Dundas