The Results Are In

For those of you who have been following our Dundas Media journey, you may already know that we have been proudly working in collaboration with Gumtree Australia to create highly-engaging short form digital content. 

Our Gumtree story begins earlier this year when we executed a six-part original series to help tell the stories of several Aussies who had unique Gumtree experiences to share. As a media company that places high value on storytelling, it was an honor to aid in the rebrand of Gumtree through visual storytelling.

"Dundas Media are brilliant storytellers. Their artistic eye helped us to capture the attention of media and position Gumtree in a more premium way, through content," Kirsty Dunn, Gumtree Australia.

Our first video series with Gumtree generated a +63% increase in watch-through on FB, plus 1.7x more people than usual watched with sound. These numbers became a testament to just how valuable short form video is and will be for brands now and in years to come. 

The success of this first series prompted future videos to come. We continue to tell their ‘Buyers and Sellers of Gumtree’ stories through short form video, and we are proud to share these videos as well. Our latest work can be viewed below, with supporting data to follow.

Signing off,


This video increased search terms relating to plants by +12% and search terms relating to vintage or wooden ladders by +156%


This video increased search hits for "brewery" on Gumtree by +203% 

Jason Dundas