11,500,000 IMPRESSIONS


Carlsberg Australia approached Dundas Media wanting to build their brand awareness in the Australian market through content marketing. Our content generated over 11,500,000 impressions and had a total unique reach of over 5,000,000.

Here’s how we did it for Carlsberg…



We created a 12-month content solution centering drawing from Carlsberg’s slogan “Probably the Best Beer in the World”, we decided to adapt it to showcase people who are “Probably the Best” at what they do, focusing on craftsmanship, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our strategy in selecting our ‘15 heroes’ was to draw on a different vertical under the beer drinking banner to maximize the potential reach and brand awareness. Examples include, Jeremy Tagand (craftsman) motorcycle designer at Deus Ex Machina, and Stephen Oh the founder of  XM2 (an Australian custom drone company) that flew a case of Carlsberg on one of the largest drones in the world (at the time it was invented).

We believe that by placing Carlsberg in the fabric of each of these unique and inspiring Aussie stories we can motivate our target Australian to make Carlsberg their beverage of choice.




The campaign’s content deliverables consisted of 6 unique assets per hero shoot, from 15x 20 second videos as our hero story, with a 6 second cut down edit for YouTube ads, accompanied by high-quality photos and 5-second loop videos captured from the same day’s shoot. All the content was formatted for 3 different platforms and screen sizes, from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to maximise the brand reach.



Our campaign generated over 11,500,000 impressions and had a total unique reach of over 5,000,000. We believe that in the current digital media landscape companies need to have an always-on approach. Our Probably the Best content strategy allowed Carlsberg to stay consistent with their audience, and all of this 12-month content was delivered at the same production budget as a one-off short marketing campaign.

The media buy was done by Initiative.