Dundas Media
Video content creators
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Dundas Media is a digital media company specializing in creating premium video ads for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube at low cost, for brands and businesses.

We believe that every brand is their own media channel, and with 15 years of international TV experience, we develop creative content strategies, that allow us to use small efficient teams, producing our clients premium video content at a fraction of the price, and can deliver multiples, quicker.

You can book us to film and create your video ads anywhere in the world, for as little as an hour, and we can even deliver you the finished content the same day.

Dundas Media was founded by international TV host and media entrepreneur Jason Dundas (The X Factor, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Getaway), with the goal of producing affordable, and fast TV quality video ads.

Dundas Media is located in Sydney and Los Angeles, and through its network of global production teams can shoot worldwide.